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Full & Partial Dentures – Cary, NC

Enhance the Function
& Appearance of Your Smile

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, an estimated 40 million adults in the nation are missing all of their teeth. As we age, our body, including our teeth and gums, may need a little extra support and help to remain fully functional so we can continue going about our day-to-day life. At Cary Dental Rejuvenation, we offer full and partial dentures to help combat this issue and restore the aesthetic look and functionality of our patients’ smiles. Whether you’re missing several teeth on a row or all of them, call us today to learn how we can restore your smile!

Why Choose Cary Dental Rejuvenation For Full & Partial Dentures?

  • Implant-Retained Dentures Available
  • Individualized Dental Treatments
  • Accurate Digital Impression System

Why is it Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

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Having large gaps in your smile can be detrimental for your oral health down the road. Not only can these spaces impact your ability to complete everyday tasks like speak and chew, but they can also result in a changing facial structure, dental misalignment, and declining mental health. Without a functional row of teeth, you may also notice that it’s harder to maintain a nutritious, balanced diet. That’s why we recommend visiting our office as soon as you lose a tooth, whether it’s a single tooth or an entire arch of teeth.

Denture Treatment Options

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Dr. Singh and our team are dedicated to customizing each of our patients’ treatments to make sure that their needs are met. That’s why we conduct thorough initial consultations for dentures in Cary before we jump into the treatment. This allows us to walk you through each of your tooth replacement options and discuss how they’ll impact your daily life.

Partial Dentures

We typically suggest partial dentures for our patients who are missing several teeth along an arch. Without filling these spaces in, your existing teeth will gradually shift into misalignment to close the gaps and increase your risk of developing oral health problems down the road. These prosthetics are crafted from a gum-colored acrylic base with natural-looking replacement teeth. They’re secured in your mouth utilizing a strategically-designed base that fits like a puzzle piece around your existing teeth.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are used to replace an entire arch of teeth, making it easier for you to chew food and speak. They’re also comprised of a gum-colored acrylic base and natural-looking ceramic replacement teeth; however, they utilize natural suction and denture adhesive to stay firmly attached to your gums.

Implant-Retained Dentures

For our patients who are looking for a more permanent, long-lasting, and stable tooth replacement solution from their dentist in Cary, we also offer implant-retained dentures. Instead of relying on natural suction and adhesive, the dentures are attached to surgically-placed implants that help stimulate the jawbone and preserve the natural facial structure.

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

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We custom-tailor each tooth replacement treatment to the needs of our patients, which is why there’s no set cost that we charge. Once you visit us for a consultation and we’ve had a chance to determine what type of restoration you can benefit from and whether you require any preparatory procedures, we can then put together a treatment plan for you. Based on all of the details we’ve collected, we can then walk you through the price of treatment as well as your financial options.