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  • "Dr Singh and his team are fantastic. They are very efficient kind and caring. They provide excellent service. I am so glad he is my dentist. He gives me personal attention and listens to my concerns. That means alot to me. keep it up." --Salima G.
  • "Very thorough cleaning and attention to detail. Staff was courteous and polite."
  • "Excellent and very client friendly service. This was my first visit to Dr. Singh's Dental Office and I was very happy with the thoroughness of the service. Dr. Singh explained everything to me in detail and made sure that all of my questions were answered. His staff members were polite and efficient. Thank you for such a great 1st experience!" --Lisa G.
  • "Dr Singh is one of the nicest, most knowledgeable dentist I have ever gone to! Hes thorough, he takes the time to explain things, and genuinely cares for every patient. Great experiences! The only reason for not giving a 5 star rating is, the office needs a little updating, but it has gotten better since he bought the practice. Dentist offices are now making crowns on site, etc. In the future I would love to see some of that come to his office. Overall, very highly rated!"
  • "It was my first visit to Dr. Singh's office today and I must say how impressed I am with him and his staff.I received the most thorough exam from him with a detailed review and explanation of my treatment needs! Frankie, Raj and Erin were so friendly and wonderful as well! I highly recommend Dr. Singh to anyone looking for an exceptional dentist in Cary!" --SS
  • "I have been very pleased with the care provided by Dr. Singh and his staff. Dr. Singh has demonstrated a high degree of technical skill combined with a professional manner that reflects sincere care for his patients. I also noted the same attitude in the staff which confirmed my very positive impression of the practice." --Stephen
  • "Thoroughly professional and personalized service." --Aman
  • "Very clean and organized. and professional administrative staff." --abo yara
  • "I had a tooth, that is somehow much naturally darker than all the rest of my teeth, bother me for decades. I finally got the tooth lightened to match my other teeth only after many other dentists blew off my concerns. Dr. Singh performed an effective and budget-friendly procedure right in his office in no time! I could not be happier and what a great way to start the new year!" --JJM
  • "Friendly!! Very nice to have people call you by your name and be personal!! Everyone I came in contact with was this way!! They each appeared to like their job and the office!! The Dr is So good Very thorough not pushy Let you know what needs to be done,and how and why, also gives you a choice in the care plan!! All the staff has input!!Please if you need a dentist This is the place!!MY daughter and family and grand kids love this Dr and the staff!!" --Helen
  • "I had a busy day and the whole staff including Dr. Singh made sure I made the last minute meeting after my dental work. Thank you for accommodating me." --David
  • “Very nice visit, welcome to the area". --Tim B.
  • “I fell so happy. The Dr. Bikram did very good job I feeled no pain at all. Thanks. Dr. and your staff” . ---Anjela V.
  • “Dr. Singh and his staff are running an excellent practice. From timely appointment reminders by phone to the lasts technology it was a pleasant experience. The filling replacement procedure was painless from anesthetic to final billing”.
  • "I am so satisfied with everything – the care is super nice, the people in this office are great! Would recommended to anyone! I’m very happy” . ---Marcella B.
  • “A good time at the dentist” . ---Mandy B.
  • "I have learned so much job shadowing in the past month.What stands out most is your customer service with your patients. Thank you very much ." ----Marie M.
  • "Dr. Singh I just wanted to thank you for your professional service & taking care of my tooth". ----Reza J.
  • "Dr. Singh works very quietly and gently- was the best dental experience ever".
  • "Dr. Singh is amazing ! The most through dentist I have ever been to. He is extremely gentle and patient ! Front desk is so friendly and personable".
  • "The filling replacement procedure was painless from the anesthetic to final billing".
  • "Wonderful experience very through exam & cleaning".
  • "Love this Office I will forever be a patient".
  • "Very friendly Staff ! Dr. Singh is so Wonderful ".
  • "Very Satisfied".
  • "Dr. Singh and his staff are running an excellent practice. From timely appointment reminders by phone to the latest technology . It was a pleasant experience".